Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Last Post of the Year

…and what a year it’s been for me.
Last year, as December was closing out and 2010 loomed before us, I wasn’t optimistic about the future. A few years ago I’d made a sort of bargain with myself that, if I hadn’t made any real progress in my writing career by the time I was 44, I would really begin to entertain the idea of hanging it all up and learning to be content with an existence as an office drone or whatever.
I got in, just under the wire.
‘10 saw the publication of my first truly professional short story sale (that is, one that actually paid a substantial amount of money). It also saw the sale of my first novel, The Bastard Hand, to a publisher I respected. Both of these things happened right on top of each other. Years of work, of honing my craft and baring my soul, finally paid off.
That alone would have made 2010 a year to remember for me, but that wasn’t all. Over the course of the year I found myself with many new friends (albeit of the electronic, interwebbies sort) who shared similar passions and formed an interesting and amazingly supportive network-- a sort of Noir Underground. Writers, critics, bloggers, readers. You all know who you are. The interest these people took in my work, the enthusiasm and kindness they displayed, really floored me and boosted my confidence during a strange and transitional time.
I deeply appreciate all of you and feel amazingly fortunate to know you. Thanks.
Starting next year, this blog will begin to focus more specifically on self-promotion. Don’t worry, I’m not gonna get obnoxious about it-- maybe one post a week relating to my book and why you should sell everything you own and buy thousands of copies. Between those weekly posts I’ll continue to talk about books I’ve read or movies I’ve seen or stories I’ve written people who’ve pissed me off or made me happy.
And if 2011 turns out HALF as good as 2010, well… bring it on.


  1. Congratulations. It's going to be a scorching 2011 for you! Well deserved,too.

  2. Congratulations, well done. This is just the beginning. Mr. Brazill is so right, it is going to be a scorching year for you.

  3. You worked hard. Onwards to 2011 now!

  4. keep me posted, im sure you will be the man in 2011.hope to see ya soon................. Ernie