Sunday, June 19, 2011


Three new reviews of The Bastard Hand have popped up on line this past week, each one managing to get a little burst of happy out of me.
First, Poker Ben at Noir Journal has some nice words (he also reviews Aaron Clark's fantastic The Science of Paul, as well).
Then Seth Lynch at Reading and Writing weighs in with his nicely-written peice...
And finally, this morning at Sea Minor, Nigel Bird, author of the terrific collection Dirty Old Town & Other Stories, got my day off to a good start with this.
It's nice to see people still picking up The Bastard Hand and giving it a chance, several months after its debut. For us small-timers, every reader is valuable, and every reader is deeply appreciated. And in the case of The Bastard Hand, the strong and positive word-of-mouth has made ALL the difference in the world.
I love my readers, yes I do...


  1. In my review, I tried to rave about the book. I think I may have understated what a real find this is - I couldn't recommend it highly enough, seriously.

  2. Wow, the positive reviews keep pouring in! Congratulations.