Saturday, November 12, 2011

Metal and Shotguns

Sometimes being a writer and trying to get your work out there feels very much like the above photo. You know, putting your pecker in a hole and allowing a rooster to do unmentionable things to it. Lately, though, I find my wang in a sling far less often, much to my relief.

The new issue of Pulp Metal Magazine came out today, and the line-up is pretty spectacular. There's an interview with the gorgeous and brilliant Julia Madeleine for starters, and an essay from the equally gorgeous and brilliant Paul Brazill, before getting to the stories. There's Benoit Lelievre, B.r. Stateham, Kent Gowran, and several others, including yours truly. My story is called "The World is Made of Candy", because, you know, it is.

And I wanted to mention that, a few days ago, my story "No-Account Sonofabitch" appeared at Shotgun Honey. That made me happy. I'm getting a lot more stories placed as of late, and many more are on the immediate horizon. So stick around.

And yes, that first paragraph up there was written solely as an excuse to use a photo of a kid with his pecker in a hole and a rooster doing awful things to it.


  1. When you come across a photo like that you have a duty to use it


  2. Love it!!! Hope I can get my pecker out of the hole soon too. Although, I do kind of like it in there.

  3. Heath, where do you get those photos? You use by far the best post photos in the blogosphere