Monday, March 25, 2013

LEE available at Amazon

LEE, the anthology of fictional tales featuring Lee Marvin-- the "epitome of masculine cool" as Andrew Nette so aptly puts it-- has been out for a few days at the Crime Factory site. But as of yesterday, it's now available at Amazon as well. I'm excited to have a story in it, along with the likes of:

Scott Philips
Roger Smith
Johnny Shaw
Jenna Bass
Adrian McKinty
Jake Hinkson
Ray Banks
James Hopwood
Erik Lundy
Eric Beetner
Luke Preston
Nigel Bird
Ryan K. Lindsay
Cameron Ashley
Jimmy Callaway
and the afore-mentioned Andrew Nette.

Terrific line-up of talent, all penning stories about one of the baddest of bad-asses in the history of film.

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