Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Hawthorne at The Big Adios

Over at The Big Adios, I have a new, very short Hawthorne tale called "The Unholy; or, How the Gowan Gang Died". If you'd like a quick dose of Hawthorne, well, there ya go.

There's no dialogue in this one because I wanted to see if I could pull that off. Let me know, either here or in the comments section at The Big Adios if you think it works.

Thanks. And keep the West weird.


  1. I'm glad The Big Adios is working well. It's a tremendous venue for Western fiction. Hawthorne can only help adding credibility to it.

  2. You did, indeed, "pull it off." Terrific story!

  3. This is a good Hawthorne story. Pretty captivating!