Thursday, January 6, 2011

"Mean, tough, lurid, intense, and entirely engaging..."

Okay, man, here we go with that self-promotion stuff I was talking about. Once a week, I'm going to be blowing my own horn in an effort to get you to part with your hard-earned clams and buy my novel, The Bastard Hand, coming out in March from New Pulp Press.
Believe me, it's written much better than the above paragraph.
One of the first people in the biz to take a real interest in it-- aside from Jon Bassoff-- was Vincent Zandri, author of Godchild, The Innocents, Moonlight Falls, and well, tons of other books. I was really surprised and gratified by Vin's enthusiasm, and I thank him profusely for spreading the word. He had this to say about The Bastard Hand:

"Only on rare occasions-- say once every ten years-- will I come across a debut novel that will want to make me change my name and start all over again, so that I can write one just like it... Mean, tough, lurid, intense, and entirely engaging, this novel is a must-read for all fans of the hardboiled genre. It will also force you to make room on your bookshelf for a whole lot of Lowrance pulps to come."


  1. Yes! Yes! (use the image with the text!)

  2. Sounds like a pretty fair summing up to me!

  3. I'm convinced. I was on the fence until reading your first paragraph, and if it's better than that, how can I not read it?

  4. Al, ha!
    Paul, thanks, brother, I really appreciate that. I'll be using your kind blurb next week... after that, I'm actually out of them until some more roll in; this whole self-promotion thing could abort early!
    And Ron-- thanks again for such a killer cover. I'm gonna bet money that you get called upon for more work like that.