Friday, April 29, 2011

Complaint Department

Two weeks ago the computer finally rolled over and kicked, so the wife and I took it in, with only days to spare on the warranty. Ten days, they said, and we'd be ready to rock and roll again.
Ten days go by and... nothing. We call. Yeah, they figured out the problem. They'd have it ready by Friday (as in, today). Meanwhile, I'm getting antsy because I haven't written anything this whole time. And also, I really SHOULD be on the webbies promoting my book. This is a crucial time for that. But no...
But what can you do? We have no choice but to wait it out.
So today, we call again. Is the computer fixed and ready to go? Is it, fuck. They haven't even ordered the part they need to fix it yet! And we're looking at another week...
Jesus Christ, man.
I hate to bitch, what with all the devastation in the South right now; people dead or missing or left with nothing but the clothes on their backs... yeah, it puts it in some kind of perspective. After all, it's just a computer.
But shit, man. It's annoying.
I've noticed in the meantime some new followers here and over at the Twitter thing. Thanks, folks, for hangin' around. I appreciate it. Be patient, and I'll get back to this stuff as soon as possible.

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  1. Glad to have you back in the 21st Century Heath!