Tuesday, April 5, 2011

the proverbial pike

Holy crap, have I fallen behind over here or what...

So, my last few posts were all "me me me" plus a bit about "me". Sorry 'bout that, but a boy's gotta pimp his book, right? And I can promise you that some more self-involved reflections are forthcoming.

But, amidst the Odes to the Joy of Heath, the next couple weeks will also see some reviews that I've put off for too long. Expect soon a few words about Vincent Zandri's book Godchild. Also the new anthology Top Suspense. A review of one of my new favorite books, Anthony Neil Smith's Choke on Your Lies, Jordan Krall's Fistful of Feet, Jailbait Justice by Danny Hogan, and well you get the idea. Lots of reviews coming down the pike.

I'm also working on a thing about Jim Thompson, because, you know, there hasn't been enough written about him already. Some notes about my man Charles Willeford, and the first few Parker books by Richard Stark.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, goddamnit, I'm exhausted. I started back at the day job on literally the same day The Bastard Hand came out, and the time I have to write has diminished dramatically...

That's all for now, comrades.