Friday, May 6, 2011

A Bastardy update

Well, I finally have the computer back, only to discover that I have absolutely nothing to say.

Oh, except that The Bastard Hand is now available on Kindle... dig it. Five lousy bucks. You now have no excuse at all not to get it so that I can buy a pack of smokes or something.

Also, you really need to check this out-- two of my favorite people in one spot: over at Dead End Follies, Ben hosts Paul Brazill, who stops by long enough to pull the rug out from under your preconceptions about Our Noir Thing.

And... there's a newish review of The Bastard Hand at Bookgasm that happened while I was away.

Finally, it seems my story "It Will All Be Carried Away" made the short list (and by short list I mean about one hundred stories or so) over at storySouth Million Writers Award. If you like the story, why not vote for it when the time comes? Although to be honest, there's some goddamn good stories on that list...

Anyway, thanks for waiting, thanks for reading, thanks, thanks, thanks.

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