Monday, December 26, 2011

Writers to Fill Up Your New Kindle

So maybe you got a brand new Kindle for Christmas. Congrats, man. Those things are pretty cool. Fortunately for you, there is no shortage of books you can buy relatively cheap to fill that bad boy up. No doubt, if you're like most new Kindle owners, you're going to spend a lot of time perusing titles that are absolutely free-- stuff in the public domain mostly, or stuff by writers who aren't sure themselves if they are worth money and so are giving their work away to test the waters. The public domain stuff is mostly tried-and-true, so no worries there. But you'll find the latter is mostly crap. Granted, some exceptions exist, but mostly...

Anyway, point being: when you're done downloading your selection of free stuff, may I point you in the direction of the ever-evolving, excitingly unpredictable underground of genre fiction now making its mark on the e-book market? There's a Noir Underground here, but it crosses over and bleeds into the Horror Underground, the Speculative Fiction Underground, and even the Western Underground. These are writers from all over the world, connected only by their commitment to writing great stories that pull no punches.

Here are some writers I very strongly urge you to check out, download, and enjoy:

Patricia Abbott
Edward A. Grainger
Anthony Neil Smith
Katherine Tomlinson
Paul D. Brazill
Nigel Bird
Jason Michel
Matthew C. Funk
Aaron Philip Clark
Dani Amore
Julia Madeleine
James Reasoner
Christian Klaver
Icy Sedgwick
Charlie Williams
R. Thomas Brown
Thomas Pluck
Keith Rawson
Pete Risley
Lynn Kostoff
Allan Leverone
Ray Banks
Charlie Stella
Tom Piccirilli
Mike Dennis
Matthew McBride

And I'm probably forgetting a few, sorry to say. I'll expand on this list as they occur to me, so check back.

But regardless, these are all writers I more-or-less discovered this past year or so. Some of the names are "bigger" or more well-established than others, naturally, but what they all have in common is unflinching sensibilities and mind-boggling talent. Download anything by any of them and you won't be disappointed.

And while you're at it, look, man, I have a few things out my-own-self that you'd probably enjoy. They're listed over there to the right. I do solid work, honest; I wouldn't lie to you.

Happy New Year, and Happy Reading, friends.


  1. Thanks, McDroll! "Kick It" and "Kick It Again" are on my TBR list, coming soon. Sorry I haven't gotten to them yet, but I hear they're great!

  2. Thanks for the mention. Great to be in with that little lot!

  3. How sweet you are? Who said that? No, that was "how sweet it is" by Jackie Gleason--but you're too young to remember. Anyway, thanks for putting me in such great company.
    Hope you had a good holiday.

  4. Thanks for the inclusion, Heath. Looks like I'm in pretty strong company.

    BTW, do you have a Kindle? Or a Kindle app for your computer?

  5. I do have a Kindle, Mike, as of yesterday. Before that, I read Kindle stuff on my laptop.

  6. Mightily honored to be on this list. And I'm additionally delighted for the recommendations. I thank you on behalf of my aunt's, brother-in-law's and my own Kindle.