Thursday, February 16, 2012

Scheming Femmes, 3-Legged Dogs and Harry Truman

Three short stories currently available on Kindle that I can heartily recommend...

Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Eyes- Mike Dennis
A casino dealer falls under the spell of an alluring femme, knowing full-well that she’s using him for some nefarious purpose—but he’s so smitten he doesn’t even care. Dennis wows with this tight and fast short story that incorporates almost all of the hallmarks of classic noir and still manages to throw a few curveballs to keep you guessing. No new ground broken here, but the execution is so nearly flawless that you won’t care. Great story.

Harry Truman vs the Aliens-Emerson LaSalle
You are, of course, familiar with the classic pulp work of Emerson LaSalle, right? Long unappreciated and unavailable, LaSalle’s work is finally getting its due and will no doubt usher in a new generation of fans. The title of this story pretty much sums it up: Aliens invade Earth, but the mistake is theirs when they try to destroy America. Not on President Harry Truman’s watch, alien scum.

Hilda’s Big Day Out-Allan Guthrie
Hilda is a lovable and friendly three-legged dog who happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and gets caught up in the half-baked plans of some sleazy kidnappers. The story is told from Hilda’s P.O.V., and that’s what makes it all so damn charming and fun, elevating what could have been a fairly standard noir-ish tale into something truly memorable. I know, I know—it sounds kinda cutsey. But leave it to Allan Guthrie to make something like this work. Personally, I wouldn’t mind more Hilda stories.


  1. That's a cutie pie of a dog right there. If anybody can get the dog POV right it's Guthrie.

  2. Thanks for the kind words, Heath. More Hilda stories, eh? Hmmm...

  3. I've read Harry & Hilda (could be a 70s sitcom) and agree, they're both fun short reads in completely different styles. The bonus stories with Hilda - if you haven't caught them before - make it a real bargain. Noirboiled-Cutesy. Is this a new sub genre?

    Between The Devil... sounds good, so I've bought and downloaded it ready for a quiet moment over the weekend.

    1. Loved Mike Dennis' Between the Devil & the Deep Blue Eyes - fast & furious read, seamy & hot. Great stuff.