Thursday, April 19, 2012

Burning Bridges

Most folks tread carefully through life. They like to keep their options open, you know, just in case. That's the wise and judicious way to do things, after all.

But sometimes you need to go ahead and burn those bridges behind you, just so you're not tempted to back-track, chicken out, blink. If you're a writer, it can be quite useful to shut off the path behind you and keep barreling forward.

Burning bridges can be a sign of commitment.

And commitment is what the anthology BURNING BRIDGES has, in spades. This is a collection of stories that are as wide and varied as the writers who produced them, but they all have the fire of conviction.

All the contributors DO have something in common, however-- they've all been burned by a publishing experience that was unfortunate, but could happen to anybody. Instead of compromising their integrity, though, each one of them lit a match, threw it over the shoulder, and shot away as the flames caught on the bridge behind them.

So this is BURNING BRIDGES, a collection featuring stories from:
Julia Madeleine
K.A. Laity
Mark Cooper
Darren Sant
Allan Leverone
Paul D. Brazill
George S. Geisinger
Edith M. Maxwell
Benjamin Sobieck
Tace Baker
Joshua J. Mark
L. Vera
B.R. Stateham
... and me.

I had the honor of putting this thing together, and I'm proud of the diversity and the power of these stories. You'll find that there's no real theme to it; rather it's an object lesson about how writers who are truly committed to what they do can put the past behind them and continue to put out solid, uncompromising work.

And not be afraid to burn bridges behind them.

Coming to Kindle on May 1, absolutely free.


  1. Awesome -- delighted to be part of this project!

  2. Looks like a solid collection, Health. Well done.

  3. Sounds splendid. Great lineup--publishers who pass up writers like these are morons.

  4. Brilliant idea, brilliant title. I'm so picking this up for review. It's perceived as such a negative thing to burn bridges, I can totally get behind an anthology that glorifies it. Looking forward to have my ass kicked.

  5. Best of luck, Heath. But you won't need it with these top flight writers.

  6. Fight the power!! I look forward to reading it.
    Next Tuesday...