Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Radikal News and a Conversation with a Gambler

For the next couple of weeks, I'm going to be everywhere but here. It's the beginning of my first official blog tour, promoting CITY OF HERETICS and BLUFF CITY BRAWLER. I hope you follow me as I make the rounds to some of my favorite places on the web.

Kicking it off with two interviews today, the first one over at my friend Martin Stanley's place, TheGamblersNovel. Martin is a gracious host (and his novel, THE GAMBLERS, is something you should read, it's terrific).

Second, but just as cool, I'm over at Radikal News, a literary journal based in Slovenia, being interviewed by new friend Renato Bratkovic, who asks some terrific questions.

Thanks, Martin and Renato, for helping me kick this thing off with style.


  1. Hi, Heath, it was a pleasure talking to you. Thanks. :)

  2. Hi Heath, it was a pleasure. Apologies again for inadvertently uploading the interview two days early. Technical clowning on my part.