Saturday, December 8, 2012

Mr. Suit, by Nigel Bird

You can always count on Nigel Bird to deliver a great story about great characters, and the novella "Mr. Suit" is no different in that regard. But in almost every other way, this one is a bit of a departure for our Mr. Bird-- instead of the contemplative, almost melancholy tone that readers have come to expect, this one is fast-paced, funny (in a really dark way) and violent. I'm happy to tell you that Bird succeeds just as admirably with this sort of story as he does with his other work. A complex protagonist with understandable motives and emotions, fully-fleshed out supporting characters, and a situation that balances on just this side of totally believable (even as things get more and more out of control, it always feels perfectly natural as things circle down the crapper for Liza). I can whole-heartedly recommend this one.

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  1. Those are kind words and you know how much it means to me that a writer of your talent can say them.

    I don't know why it came out so differently - I think I just wanted to have fun.