Friday, January 18, 2013

Man Plans, Fate Laughs its Ass Off

Early last year I worked out a writing plan meant to see me through until December. And I did a horrible job of sticking to it, because, well, that's just the way I roll. This year, though, I intend to be more diligent-- there's a LOT of things I want-need-must write, and a rather strict timetable is probably the best way.

So, if you're interested, this is my itinerary for 2013. Hopefully there's something here that's up your alley.

January- By the end of this month, I'll have completed a Gideon Miles novella for David Cramner's Beat to a Pulp. Titled "Gideon Miles and the Axeman of Storyville", it finds our man Miles in New Orleans in 1921, his Marshall-ing days behind him, but his brushes with death ever-present.

February- A fourth Hawthorne weird western story, "Bad Sanctuary", as well as the Hawthorne/Cash Laramie cross-over, which I'm calling "Hell's Own Gun", unless Mr. Grainger vetoes me.

March-June- A third full-length novel, called THE HEEL, which is already outlined pretty thoroughly. It's about a disgraced former pro wrestler who loses a bunch of money belonging to his gangster boss and has to track it down again-- leaving a wake of unintended devastation.

July- Hawthorne's origin story, for those of you who think it's time.

August-November- A fourth novel, WRETCHED CROSS, a twisted, depraved Western. Also already outlined.

December- Another Hawthorne tale.

I'm sure neither of the novels will see publication before the year is over, sorry to say, especially since I intend to shop them around a little.

If there's any down-time between projects, I'm sure I'll fill it with the occasional short story. In any case, it'll be a productive year. Assuming I don't slack off.


  1. You have a lot of work to do. Better start each project with a two week vacation.

  2. Ye gods... busy! Just the way we like it... ;)

  3. Wow! Sounds like a seriously packed schedule you have got there. Make sure you give yourself enough downtime, too. Got to have a break every now and again.

  4. I like that title a lot, Heath.

  5. Heath, "Hell's Own Gun" is a spot on title for the Cash/Hawthorne crossover.

  6. You're making me tired just reading this plan, man.

  7. I don't know...seems like you ought to be whipping something out in May instead of stretching that novel out over a couple of months.