Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Schizophrenic Hit-Man for Detroit

"I hate Diana Ross. I love all the Ross family but I hate Diana Ross. She killed Michael Jackson. I know because I'm Darth Vader."

"You're Darth Vader?"

"I'm a Dark Lord Raider. And women, all women, are Women Raiders. Female Raiders. They love me but I hate them. I hate all of them. But I love, you understand?"

"I guess."

"I love my sons but I hate my daughters. Like God hates His daughters but loves His sons. I hate them, even though they're dead. They were killed. My wife and my daughters. But I didn't kill them. Escobar did."


"Escobar, the drug guy."


"He killed my wife and daughters. But I got him. I killed him. Just like God. Just like Vengeful God. I worked for Kilpatrick, and for Coleman Young. I was the Hit-Man for Detroit. Escobar killed my wife and daughters because he thought he was God and Detroit Hit-Man was the Devil. But I punched him in the face and killed him with a gun. He showed me that I hated.

But we're all dead to God, anyway. The only one I love and will see in Heaven is George Washington, none of the other presidents. Not even Obama. Because Obama is friends with Diana Ross, and goddamn fucking Diana Ross killed Michael Jackson."

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  1. +Sounds just like the late night news. haha