Monday, April 15, 2013


Offend: v. To cause displeasure, anger, resentment or wounded feelings.

Lotta folks walking around being offended these days.

They don't like cuss words. Or skimpy clothes. Or sexiness on TV. Or violence. Those are forces that decay the moral fabric of society and are offensive to right-thinking people, yeah?

This is something I have a hard time getting my head around. Yeah, there are things that bother me, certain behaviors that I think are wrong or irresponsible. Is that the same thing as being offended? I don't really know. But the things some folks get up in arms about boggle me.

Some podunk town in Louisiana just outlawed saggy pants. Any one walking around with their underwear showing because of ridiculously saggy pants will be fined. The reason? They are offensive to the community standards.

Most of us, I imagine, find the saggy pants look idiotic. I know I do. But honestly, a law against them? If it's now illegal to look like a dumb-ass, half of us are going to wind up in jail eventually.

If I was Boss of the World, I'd ignore the stupid saggy pants thing and focus on stuff that's actually offensive: Reality TV. Donald Trump. Bullying in elementary schools. Bigotry.

And for those who are "offended" by strong language, sexuality, etc... I would suggest that you being "offended" is really on you, isn't it? It's nobody else's problem, friend. Get over it.


  1. It's a common attitude of people that "ANYTHING" they don't like, is "Offensive". The word has lost meaning, like "Awesome".
    It is also the popular opinion that the world must conform to be a completely likeable place to that individual.
    Case in point: A woman who said that they should take "The Simpsons" off the air because she didn't want to have to go around her house turning of T.V.s when it came on. Where the thought process stems from doesn't matter. It needs to stop! And no time is too soon!

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  3. People are too quick to claim they're "offended" by something when all too often they only dislike it because it's not the way they think, or would do something. You can't expect everyone to do things differently just because you don't like it. Even worse is when people tell you not to say/do something because it *might* offend someone else. Where do they get off telling other people what they should get offended by?