Monday, April 8, 2013

Stupid plans

I had a writing plan for the year. I laid it out in detail back in January, and I really thought I was going to stick to it. Haha. I crack me up. Oh, plans, you are so amusing.

It went off the rails early on, not out of laziness this time (I swear!) but just... life and circumstances and stuff.

I'm still writing every day, still sticking to that. It's April now, and I've missed maybe seven days so far this year. So I'm not beating myself up or anything. But the particular agenda I set for myself caved in really quickly as other projects vied for attention, a couple things took longer than I thought they would, and yet other things hadn't stewed long enough to start on.

No worries, though. So far this year, I've finished a new Hawthorne story, a Gideon Miles novella, and a couple short stories. Next up, the synopsis for a screenplay I've been discussing with a film-maker friend of mine (more on that later, as if develops) and then... well, I'm not saying. Because the minute I put my plans down in black and white, that's when they start messing up on me.

But I will say that 2013 looks like it's going to be a busy, busy year.


  1. Good show Heath Lowrance. Your doing good. Just don't give up on your hearts desires. My uncle used to say, gotta keep trucking.(writing). You are making us all happy with your stories.

  2. Ah, plans. Never turn out the way you though they would.