Tuesday, January 20, 2009


What a day, huh?
Just like everyone else, I watched the proceedings today, the swearing-in of our 44th president, Barak Obama, and despite myself, I found that I was moved. I have hope for our future. I feel good about being an American. It's a weird feeling, this hope, after eight years of dealing with a government that cleary didn't care about the will of its own people. It feels good.
Obama seems like an idealist. Please, please... let that be true. We NEED an idealist right now. We need a pragmatist. It's very tiring sometimes, being a cynic, but the previous administration made cynics out of ALL of us. Isn't it amazing how resilient we are, as Americans? Isn't it amazing that, as hard as the bad guys tried to take it away from us, we still have hope?
Yep. Right this second, I love America, and I love being an American.
Um... I promised myself when I started this blog that I would stay on-topic here, and not talk about anything except writing and books and story. But come on. This is a big deal.
I'll get back to the writing stuff next time. Here's to the future.


  1. Can you rally be an idealist and a pragmatist at the same time? Believe me I know the last eight years have been crazy, but I feel sorry for W. He is the only modern American President that suffered an attack by foriegn powers on the mainland, several hurricanes that devestated the south, (which he was supposed to raise his presidential hand and magicaly make all better)along with fraudulent intel on Iraq.to top it all off and I hate to admit but a spoiled complacent America that is as fickle as a 16 year old girl. I truly hope history clears him of his bad rap. I hope Obama does bring peace and prosperity to America (as if it's up to him to begin with). I have always loved America and what it stands for, but sometimes I just hate Americans.

  2. Yeah, this Obama fellow... he's on top of things. He's already closing Guantanimo, pay freezes at the White House, and limiting the influence of lobbyists. I know he can't keep up the pace, but I'm loving the out-of-the-gate effort!