Monday, January 26, 2009

Heckfire & Darnation

Since last week's story was such a downer (so I've heard), I thought I'd go with something a little goofy this time.
I'm not entirely sure where the idea for this one came from, but I'd been reading some John Collier at the time, and I think some of his mannered but nasty humor seeped in. It's kinda formal-sounding, but I think it's the kind of story that works better that way.
Let me know what you think. It's called Heckfire & Darnation, and, as usual, you'll find it over there, to the right.


  1. Just fun! I particularly like that the offending action is profanity. Of all the "bad" things one might do, profanity is probably the most harmless, in and of itself. Especially the way Mr. Grait seems to use it, in the privacy of his own home, directed at his spatula, his kitchen, his toothbrush fizzing away in the soiled tank, etc. Yup, seems like a perfectly reasonable time to let loose, I say.

  2. Good one! I can kinda relate to this one. I remember at times when I felt I had no control over things in my life, my frustration was so that only cursing was the only relief that I found. At the time I knew I should not do this, but I was taking a chance that my floor did not open up and swallow me, as it did Mr. Grait.

    Waiting for next surprise. Thanks for good reading.