Thursday, January 8, 2009

Black & white movies

Just wanted to share this great quote I found from Roger Ebert, regarding black & white movies:

A black and white movie isn't lacking something, it's adding something: The world is in color, so we get that for free, but black & white is a stylistic alternative, more dreamlike, more timeless. Moviegoers, of course, have the right to dislike black and white, but it is not something they should be proud of. It reveals them, frankly, as cinematically illiterate. I have been described as a snob on this issue. But snobs exclude; they do not include. To exclude black and white from your choices is an admission that you have a closed mind, a limited imagination, or are lacking in taste." - Roger Ebert

Nicely said! I found it at a terrific web site called Web Noir. I've added a link to it over on the right. If you're at all interested in film noir, by all means check it out.


  1. Even though I prefer the color movies, I also like the black and white, even the silent ones. I do not consider myself closed minded nor illiterate, a snob, or unimaginative. However , I have had my taste questioned often.In a nut shell, I strongly disagree with the about quote.


  2. Horror black and white movies are the best =) I always enjoy watching my old favorites over and over again. I even liked Sin City although it wasn't entirely black and white.