Monday, February 2, 2009

Clay Morrow & the Nine Pale Men

The story this week is something a little different. It's an over-the-top supernatural horror-adventure story that takes place in 1890, and features a stoic Southern gentleman named Clay Morrow, globe-trotting around the world on a quest of vengeance. Along the way, he encounters all manner of bizarre creatures and conspiracies. This one finds him in Hong Kong, facing an ancient evil out of the mists of Chinese legend. It's Robert E. Howard meets HG Wells.
This is the first of two stories I wrote about Morrow. Perhaps there will be more; who can say? Enjoy. It's over there in the usual spot.


  1. Love the Clay. Singular of mind and hardened of heart. That right there is the simple recipe for a character you can sink your teeth into. Serves one. Provides 100% of the U.S. RDA for fiction and escapism. Feeds the mind and the soul. Stays good indefinitely in the cooler. Did I mention, love the Clay!?!?