Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Grey Hawthorne is back

The second Grey Hawthorne adventure, "Bones of the Conquerors", is up at the new and improved Nautilus Engine as of today.

I'm excited about Mr. Hawthorne-- his stories are something very different from what I normally write. They're straight-up Victorian era occult adventure, full of sinister monsters and high adventure. Grey Hawthorne is a Mississippi gentlemen, driven by a desire for revenge. He treks across the world, in pursuit of a mysterious man who destroyed his life, and along the way encounters evil in all its myriad forms, vanquishes them, and strives to save the innocent.

Who is this mysterious man whom Hawthorne pursues? What exactly did he do? And what horrible events lay in Hawthorne's past that drive him to such extremes?

All will be revealed, eventually. I have about twenty stories planned for the intrepid Mississippian, and taken together they'll form an epic of High Adventure and horrifying ordeals.

You in?

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