Friday, August 5, 2011


Well, I just finished downloading DIG TEN GRAVES to the ole' Kindle on Amazon. What an amazing pain in the ass that was. But now it's done, and the collection should be available in the U.S. within the next day or so, for a measly little .99 cents. Apparently, it takes a couple days more after that for it to show up in other countries.
As far as the introduction goes, well... that didn't quite work out, sorry. Time constraints. However, all the guesses were fun, and I appreciate you all playing along. And nope, it was none of the above, although some were quite good guesses.
I DID get a terrific blurb from the esteemed Mr. Paul Brazill, though:

"Heath Lowrance follows up his classic debut, THE BASTARD HAND, with a searing collection of hard-boiled, dark fiction. The blackest of noir permeates the pages of DIG TEN GRAVES and oozes into its dark alleyways, its blood stained streets and its rain soaked gutters - even the crevices on the faces of its battle scarred and booze battered protagonists." - Paul D Brazill, Drunk On The Moon, Guns Of Brixton, 13 Shots Of Noir.

Pretty nice, eh?
Again, thanks to everyone for the support and words of encouragement. I'll try not to let ya down.


  1. You should get a "Tweet this button Heath. I'd Tweet the shit out of this

  2. Thanks, Ben... I'll see if I can wrap my head around that.

  3. Okay, that was easy... added the UpTweet button. Thanks for the tip, my man.

  4. Considered yourself Tweeted and Retweeted already.

  5. Maybe not a couple of days - just purchased my copy from Amazon UK.

    Looking forward to reading this - just got to finish Jo Nesbo's The Redbreast,

    Good luck

  6. Thanks, Seth, hope you enjoy it.

  7. Congrats, Heath. I'll have to download it. The amount of reading material on my kindle is starting to rival my TBR pile.