Saturday, August 27, 2011

Kindlegraph Me

A few readers (okay, five of them) have, over the last month or so, requested that I sign their Kindle edition of THE BASTARD HAND. At first I dismissed these requests as jokes, or the mad ravings of lunatic minds. Turns out you can actually DO that.
Allan Leverone, my good friend and the author of FINAL VECTOR, THE LONELY MILE, and the upcoming DARKNESS FALLS, pointed me toward Kindlegraph. I'm all set up over there now, comrades. If you're interested in me signing your Kindle with my magic virtual pen, here's the link: Kindlegraph Me, Sidney.


  1. One Kindlegraph requested - for dig ten graves. My copy of The Bastard Hand is made out of paper.


  2. Sent this morning, Seth. Let me know if it looks okay.

  3. No twitter so I will have to make do with a handshake for my kindled BH.

  4. A delayed response - but yes it does. I'm just writing a review of this book and going to link in to this page too - so you'll now have thousands of kindlegraph requests :-)