Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Not whining about smoking, I promise

Okay, so I won’t bore you to death with all that whining about how I quit smoking and it’s so hard and waa, waa, waa. I only mention it because lack of nicotine has impacted my reading and writing this last week—it’s been hard to concentrate on anything at all, and so I haven’t accomplished much.
But it’s getting better now. And so I offer you this, my "future plans for the future":
On September 28, I’ll be starting a new feature here at Psycho-Noir as a sort of follow-up to the series on Hardboiled/Noir Writers I just wrapped up. It’s called Writers of Noir’s Golden Age, and it will focus on the scribblers from the fifties and early sixties. Why? Because that’s still my favorite era in this genre, and there were just TONS of them worth your time.
If you read Parts Four and Five of the previous series, you have a pretty good idea about some of the writers I intend to cover. Like the last series, posts will appear every Wednesday, starting on the 28th (which happens to be the beginning of Rosh Hashanah, according to my calendar, and no, that is not significant, just thought I’d mention it).
In the meantime, though… I’ll be a bit scarce around here. I have a great deal of catching up to do on my current novel, and I’ve also fallen way behind on my reading. So for a couple weeks I’ll be shutting off the lights at Psycho-Noir. Be sure, if you haven’t already, to hit the “follow” button over there on the right so that you don’t miss the first entry of Writers of Noir’s Golden Age.
One last note: starting tomorrow, my collection of short stories, DIG TEN GRAVES, is going up in price to 2.99. Right now, it’s still .99, though. Last chance to get it for cheapies.
And my novel THE BASTARD HAND is still garnering acclaim as a cult hit, but is selling like pork sammiches at a synagogue. If you’ve read the book and liked it, tell your friends. Write a review on Amazon. Help me get the word out about what a kick-ass book it is, okay? ‘appreciate it.
See you on Sept. 28!


  1. OK. Never bored with stopping smoking stories - good luck to you.
    Delighted to see you're new novel is getting attention - after the bastard hand, I can't wait.
    I have your short story collection already, but have been reading too little recently and am also on catch up - I'm sure I'm going to love it.
    As for helping out, I'll try and think of something that might give the book a nudge. If you haven't read it yet, people, it's got to be at the top of the pile for you to get hold of; it is a work I'm not going to forget.
    Till soon,


  2. Nigel, you've already done TONS to help, and I won't soon forget it, my friend.

  3. Review left, Heath. Amazon says they'll post it "within 48 hours".

    Will you be at Bouchercon? If so, let's meet up.

  4. Thanks for the review, MIke, I appreciate it! Unfortunately, I won't be at Bouchercon. But I do intend to be at the next Noircon next year. It'd be great to meet up.

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