Saturday, September 24, 2011

Kindle-fied Review 4: FEAR THE NIGHT, by Julia Madeleine/THE DARK AFFAIR, by Allan Leverone

Picking up where Paul Brazill left off, two more exceptional writers continue the strange adventures of Roman Dalton, werewolf P.I.
In FEAR THE NIGHT, the amazingly talented Julia Madeleine takes Roman away from his usual stomping grounds in The City and to Quebec, where the search for a missing girl leads him into a direct confrontation with gruesome zombies. The climactic scene is one of the best choreographed I’ve read in a while, and beautifully gory. Great fun.

Allan Leverone picks up Roman’s story with style and flair in THE DARKE AFFAIR, which finds our hero back in The City and once again facing the undead hordes of an old enemy. But to complicate matters, a federal agent with shady motives appears—and disappears—forcing Roman on a rescue mission to save a man who may wind up being his own doom. Great, high-octane stuff.


  1. Yep, cracking books. I think they've both taken the idea I had and moved it to a higher level.

  2. Thanks very much! I have to say I was nervous following Paul - who created Roman Dalton - and Julia, who more than did justice to the flavor of the character. I think and hope that we're just scratching the surface of Roman's adventures...

  3. Thanks Heath! Such a fun series to be a part of :)