Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Update on Getting a Knife to the Eyeball

Making this quick because it's hard to see and my head hurts. But the surgery went off this morning without a hitch. They knocked me out and took the scalpel or laser beam or whatever it was to my eye and fixed that muscle, pulling the eye back over where it belongs.

I've been sleeping most of the day, but a little while ago I finally got up and checked it out in the mirror. It's creepy-looking. All the white of the eye is completely red, and I keep leaking tears of blood, just like a James Bond villain. And if I move with the eye open, the entire world separates in two and I get disoriented. But all that will pass within a couple or three days, they tell me.

Anyway. Going back to bed. Just popped on here to share. Hope everyone is well. I should be back up and around and writing steadily again shortly.

Oh, and thank you, my lovely wife Kim, and thank you Ron, for all your help today. Cheers.


  1. Did it at age 3 and remember it surprisingly well. Hope you outcome is as good as mine. Thinking of you.

  2. There was a guy with one eye named Cyclops. He named the other eye Brad. One of the worst Jokes I know. Wishing you a speedy recovery. All the best my friend! ;)

  3. As I have told you, I had this done at three. At that time, parents were not allowed to stay with their child and I was by myself in a ward (we were poor). In the middle of the night, the girl in the bed next to me died (not from an eye related thing). That is my memory of the surgery--of them pulling her bed out of the ward, her body covered. But I could see it with my one unbandaged eye. My earliest memory. Is it noir enough for you?
    Glad your surgery was easier.

    1. Holy crap, Patti! Yeah, mine was a bit easier...

  4. Get well, matey — and great to see the sense of humour at play regardless!