Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Bastard Hand is Out, Brothers and Sisters

I believe it was Etta James who so wisely said, "At fucking last".

So I get home from a long crap day at work (not writing; I mean the job that pays the bills, almost), and I'm checking my e-mail and blog and FB and all that good stuff, and I get two nice surprises:

Number one: Jason at Pulp Metal likes the story I sent him and is gonna use it.

Number two: my friend and fellow NPPer Pete Risley of Rabid Child fame has posted a link to Amazon... where The Bastard Hand is now for sale!

I had no idea it was up already, but mind you I'm not complaining. Here's the link:

Buy The Bastard Hand or else something bad will happen.

I'm assuming a cover image of the book is forthcoming, but whatever. It's finally available.

I will of course post more about it later, until you can't stand it anymore. But for now I'm gonna bask for a while.

Cheers, friends!


  1. Interesting - couldn't find it on a search on Amazon (read about it on your guest post on Patterson's blog). Will there be an e-book edition ? I travel every week, so I pretty much buy e-books exclusively. Looks like it should be a good read !

  2. Hi Don- Sorry to say the e-book edition won't be out until roughly the end of summer. Hope that doesn't dissuade you from picking up the trade paperback!

  3. Bask away. And we finally have a warm and sunny day in old Detroit to bask in.