Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Guest blog: Aaron Patterson on Clean Fiction

The subject of language keeps coming up lately in my writing life, so it seemed like an appropriate time to welcome Aaron Patterson to Psycho-Noir. Aaron is a very good writer and a terrific guy. He's written Sweet Dreams, Dream On, 19, and the forthcoming books Airel and In Your Dreams. He's the head honcho of Stonehouse Ink.

He's also a Christian, and his religious philosophy colors his ficton dramatically-- that includes sex, violence and... you guessed it... language. Of course, I have opinions on this subject, but we'll save that for another time. Aaron is my first guest blogger, so I'm very happy to present a view of crime fiction completely different from my own...

Thanks, Aaron, for dropping in to the den of sin and inequity that is Psycho-Noir...

Aaron Patterson: Clean Fiction

I grew up reading books and figured out that some were great and some could have been great. The one thing that would kick a book out of the great place was the Sex and Profanity. Now this is just my personal opinion and what I write, as I don’t see the need to have this in my writing.

Clean fiction is not just a personal stand but a good business move as well. I am able to sell into the regular market as well as the Christian markets. The age range also goes down, as without language and sex scenes a younger audience is able to read my work.

There is much talk over what is or is not Christian fiction. I am not a part of that debate, this is clean… and yes you can still have deep real characters, if you are unable to create a good character without using profanity I would look into creative writing. We are after all writers; we use words, so find other ways to say the same thing. I am sure you are able to do this.

So no matter if you are writing from a personal belief or from a business standpoint. Clean fiction has many benefits. Bigger market, more potential fans, and faster market growth. No nasty letters from a mother who is angry, or a religious person who puts your book down because they were offended.

One prime example is Vincent Zandri’s new novel “The Remains.” It was revamped and released as a thriller. It is a hard cutting edge of your seat ride and all done without the use of profanity or sex. And he is a bestseller on Amazon with this novel. The proof is in the pudding as they say.

Aaron Patterson is the author of two #1 Kindle Bestselling novels and the author of three short stories.

Blog: TheWorstBookEver

StoneHouse Ink: www.StoneHouseink.net

Books by Aaron Patterson:

Sweet Dreams (Book one in the WJA series)

Dream On (Book two in the WJA series)

19 (A Digital Short)

The eBook on eBooks (A Digital Short)

The Craigslist Killer (A Digital Short)

Airel (Coming soon)

In Your Dreams (Book three in the WJA series, coming soon)


  1. I rarely use profanity, but I would say offhand that it depends on who you are writing about. Most people use profanity in certain situations and by not including this in your story, you are being untrue to their character. I am not in favor of excess profanity, but it indicates any number of things about a situation or a person.

  2. I agree with patinase, but then, I have read so many books that are clean and they were great. I suppose it all depends upon your taste, and what target audience you want. There are so many books out there now that there is always something for everyone to read.

  3. Hi! Heath Lowrance...
    Congratulation! On having author Aaron Patterson, as your first guest blogger.

    "Aaron Patterson on Clean Fiction"
    Now, to the question (I know no question was asked...) at hand, being a reader, and most definitely, not a writer, I can't comment on the use of foul language in books from a writer stand point or view...However, from a reader, stand point or view...I have no problem with the use Of foul language in books.

    Because I feel that sometimes real-life reflect(s) art and vice-versa...and people use foul language in real-life unexpectedly, and in some books that I have read too!

    On the other hand, I truly understand what your guest is saying when it comes to marketing, a larger fan-base, approving parents, and religious groups...Especially, when it comes to the lack Of using "foul" language when selling a book.

    Once again, very interesting!
    Thanks, for sharing the links and all the info(rmation) about author Aaron Patterson's books too!
    DeeDee ;-D

  4. I don't think I notice swearing one way or another. (Unless I'm reading the Nerd Of Noir's reviews, that is.)But I tend to swear a lot.

  5. I loved this book. I had downloaded his first book Dreams my accident. I thought that I was getting James Patterson and just started reading and loved the book. So when I finished the first book I went on to this the 2nd and it was just as good as the first. He is very much like James Patterson one of my favorite writers. I didn't want to put the book down, there was always something going on. The characters are great you feel you know them and like them. I would recommend this book to anyone that likes James Patterson or books like his. I can't wait for the next book to come out.

  6. I agree with Aaron...you don't have to have the foul language or explicit sex scenes for a good mystery. I have started a James Patterson or Tom Clancy novel and put it down because the bad language gets ridiculous. I don't hang out with people who talk like that and wish there was a "cleaned up" version of these authors.