Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Lucky 13

13 days from now… The Bastard Hand comes out. I like that. As god-awful as yesterday was, today seems a bit better because it’s 13 DAYS. I’m reverse-superstitious, I reckon. To me the number 13 is gorgeous and evocative and I just love it.

In fact, I’m thinking about putting out a short story collection on Kindle come summer time and the only thing I know for sure is that it’ll have 13 stories in it. I’ve written more than that, but only 13 will go in. Maybe when I have another 13
I’ll do a second one.

I intend to write 13 novels in my lifetime.

My daughter is now 13.

The Ramones put out 13 albums.

I once ate 13 tacos.

When I first started doing this blog, I had 13 followers by the end of the first day.

I was 13 when I realized I wanted to be a writer.

I have 13 minutes before I have to go change the cat litter.

And in 13 days, The Bastard Hand comes out.


  1. and I wish you 13 000 copies on the very first day.

    And thirteen million by your very last day.


  2. Anvil -- This is Thirteen


  3. I second the two previous posts andI am putting 13 lucky spells around you.
    This is so exciting, can't wait for the 13th.

  4. Hi! Heath Lowrance and Paul D.Brazill...
    All I can say is Congratulation! and Good~Luck!

    (As I cross my fingers, throw salt over my shoulder, cross the street because I just seen a black cat and moved cat-like myself as I avoided a man on a ladder painting...)

    On the release Of your up-coming book...The Bastard Hand.

    DeeDee :-D

  5. Can you hook a brother up with some buying knowledge. Amazon doesn't have it listed and NPP site doesn't haven't a full listing for it.

    Got any links so transactions can happen?

  6. Hi Brian- unfortunately there isn't a "order in advance" option, I think that sort of thing is reserved for bigger publishers. The Bastard Hand won't be listed on Amazon until the day of release, March 20.
    Or you can go directly to New Pulp Press:
    Thanks for trying!

  7. Heath-Do you have a cover yet to post on my blog tomorrow with your piece?

  8. I'm on it, Patti... will e-mail you before the night is over.