Thursday, July 14, 2011

Speedloader, from Snubnose Press

The good folks over at Spinetingler Magazine have offered up something new: Snubnose Press, an imprint designed for short story collections in e-book format. And that’s very cool indeed.
If their first outing, Speedloader, is any indication, you’d be wise to keep your eye on Snubnose. This is six stories right out of Hell, featuring writers who know their business and don’t pull their punches. It’s very hard to disturb me as a reader, but a couple of the selections here had me squirming uncomfortably. So, you know… well-done, mates.
The incomparable Nigel Bird opens the collection with the gripping “You Dirty Rat”, a WWI-era tale of revenge that manages to be beautifully layered and thrilling at the same time. I’ve not seen Bird take a misstep yet.
“Plastic Soldiers”, by W.D. County, is an engrossingly disturbing story about a boy faced with the evil of monstrous adults, and forced to take a stand to save his own life and the lives of some other kidnapped boys.
Mathew C. Funk’s “Cuffs”, is a chilly, nerve-wracking tale about a motorist accosted by a scary cop, and it’s fueled by a nice sense of paranoia and doubt.
“Mori Obscura”, by Nik Korpon, is another genuinely disturbing tale, involving an ex-junkie, a kidnapped child, and some very, very bad men…
“Herniated Roots”, from Richard Thomas, is a dark, somewhat depressing story about a “recovering” alcoholic trying to keep his life together, until he meets a beautiful woman who offers him either redemption… or total ruin.
And finally the awesome Jonathan Woods gives us “Crash & Burn”, a wildly unpredictable story about corrupt Mexican drug cops, a slighted woman, a raped Mexican official out for revenge, and… the vice president of the United States. Written with the usual Woods flair and black humor.
So, a solid collection, and a nice mix of writers I’m familiar with and ones I’d never read before. This is another one that’s a steal at .99 on the Kindle.
Very much looking forward to Snubnose re-loading.


  1. Thanks Heath.

    Our 2011 line up is stacked with short story collections but we will be publishing longer fiction too like novellas and novels also.

    We've got an Eric Beetner revenge novella coming up in a couple of months.

  2. Looking forward to them, Brian!

  3. Thanks Heath.
    The slips I make, I try to do in private.
    The eric Beetner novella is surely one to add to any list.