Monday, October 10, 2011

Kindle Review: PULP INK, ed. by Nigel Bird & Chris Rhatigan

PULP INK is probably the short story bargain of the year so far, if you consider sheer volume of stories as well as the quality of those stories. It’s jam-packed, and every entry is AT LEAST very good. More than three-fourths are downright brilliant.
But you know, it was bound to be great, wasn’t it? Look at the editors: Nigel Bird and Chris Rhatigan. Two fellas who know a thing or two about what makes good stories work, yeah?
The connecting theme to PULP INK has something to do with the film “Pulp Fiction”—there are allusions to the movie here and there, and several story titles are tied directly to it. But you get the sense that PULP INK quickly outgrew its inspiration. These are all writers who aren’t going to be constrained by the likes of Tarantino, man. Don’t get me wrong; I like “Pulp Fiction” as well as anyone does, but if you wanna compare Tarantino’s vision with the visions conjured by the writers in this anthology, well… Tarantino is left in the dust.
I was ready to do a little bit on each story in this collection that impressed me, but honestly, man, it was damn near every one of them. You’ve got Reed Farrell Coleman. Hilary Davidson. Allan Guthrie. Patricia Abbott, Paul D. Brazill. You’ve got Kate Horsley and Jimmy Calloway and David Cranmer. Matthew C. Funk. Honestly, it’s pointless for me to list each writer in PULP INK who turns in a killer story, because what it comes down to is a sort of “who’s who” of immense genre talents.
It doesn’t matter if you don’t dig Tarantino. If you want the low-down on what noir/dark fiction/hard-boiled writers are shaking things up these days, PULP INK is the collection to get.


  1. I didn't know who that Reed Farrell guy was, but fuck man. He kicked my ass right at the start

  2. Absolutely, man. He writes a series about that character, Moe Prager, that is always spot-on hard-boiled goodness.

  3. Yep, that lads did good.Callaway's story is a cracking film in itself.

  4. Started and finished it in a couple of days last week. Gotta agree, so many great stories and nothing is less than very high quality. Bargain of the year indeed! Loved Coleman, Callaway, Jim Harrington and Matt Lavin especially.

    Also liking these Kindle Reviews. Nice work.

  5. Thanks for the great review. Means a lot coming from a writer of your caliber.