Sunday, June 3, 2012

THE BASTARD HAND is free. Amen.

THE BASTARD HAND is free for a limited time, as part of a new promotional campaign from New Pulp Press. You can download it for your Kindle at Amazon. And if you have time/inclination, spread the gospel to the heathens a little.


  1. EVERYONE needs to read this. This is a free book worth paying for. It's fantastic.

  2. Done. Though people should pay for this gem!

  3. Thanks Heath
    that's a great gift! Any news on when 'That damned Coyote Hill' might come out as an e-book again?

  4. Thanks, Andrez and D.A., I appreciate it.
    Michael, Coyote Hill and a second Hawthorne will be out from Beat to a Pulp in a matter of weeks.