Saturday, March 31, 2012

Spinetingler Awards

Yesterday Spinetingler Magazine announced its nominations for Best Stuff of '11. As you might expect, it's chock full of goodness.

Your humble hack was nominated in two categories-- "Best Opening Line", in THE BASTARD HAND, and, more surprisingly, the David Thompson Community Leader award for Psycho Noir. That one threw me for a bit of a loop, but-- as they say-- I'm grateful and honored to be nominated.

And no, before you ask, THE BASTARD HAND was not nominated for the Best New Voice category. But that's okay. Did you see the list of talent that was nominated? It's all top-notch stuff-- I can't feel too bad about losing out.

Thank you to everyone who submitted THE BASTARD HAND and Psycho Noir for consideration, my gratitude to you is boundless. I cast my votes this morning. May I implore you to head over there post-haste and do the same? Here's the link: Spinetingler Awards.

In other news, since I started giving DIG TEN GRAVES away for free yesterday, its moved almost six hundred copies and as of this writing it's #19 in Horror. I'd love to see it break into the top ten, so spread the word, okay?


  1. Well done on the Spinetingler noms, Heath. And highly deserved they are too

  2. Voted for you, Heath. Because it all started two years ago when I googled "psycho noir" after reading the term off Wikipedia...

    1. Thanks, Ben. There's stiff competition there, going up against your own brilliant Dead End Follies and several others.

    2. Well, here's the thing. I think Liz White and Sabrina O. are the front runners. One has been thoroughly reviewing everything that comes out, the other freakin' dual wields her blog and editing for one of the brightest eZines ever. Those two are haaaaaaard workers.

    3. Truth. We are lazy-ass slackers by comparison.